We can help you claim your tax refund back today!

Success stories
15692937_s We helped Priscilla C, a NHS Midwife from Bolton, claim back £316.53
17594764_m We helped Daniella O, a Carer from Leamington Spa, claim back £807.05
iStock_000013329476Large We helped Edwina J, a Hairdresser from Sheffield, claim back £132.14

Are you due a Tax rebate?

Including NHS Workers, Teachers, Chefs, HGV drivers we are reaching out to 30% of the population.  These people are owed money.  The tax rebate covers overpaid tax so essentially we are just getting people their own money back. UK Tax Claim makes the process simple for you, so no matter how complicated you think your claim may be we’ll make your tax rebate application easy.  Our service is all inclusive so even if extra work is required there will be no extra charge.

The basic criteria of a tax rebate:
  1. You have been a UK tax payer in the past four years
  2. You incur expenses in order to do your job
  3. You haven’t claimed your tax rebate previously

Why do I have to claim, wouldn’t HMRC automatically pay it out?

Your tax rebate is there waiting to be claimed.  HMRC don’t automatically pay them out.  You have to complete an application and sometimes a self-assessment before they will make a payment.  The old adage of ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ is hugely relevant.  By using UK Tax Claim, our experts will know exactly what can be claimed and look to maximise every tax rebate we get. HMRC don’t advertise the fact that you are allowed to claim your own money back, you have to dig through their complicated website and hope you’ve found the right information.  One call to UK Tax Claim can get your claim started.  The experts here have many years of knowledge about what can be claimed and will always look to maximise your claim.

How much could you be due back?

This all depends on you and every case is different.  People pay different amounts of tax and have different level of costs.  HMRC will look at your circumstances and decide whether you are due a tax rebate and how much you of a rebate you should get.  Each case is judged on its individual circumstances so the outcomes can be different, even between two people in the same job at the same company.

What is the process of claiming back my tax rebate?

Take a look to find out how to claim your tax rebate. Your employer does not get involved in your tax rebate claim.  The money comes from HMRC.  We deal with HMRC.  We will look at putting a claim in to cover the previous four years of possible overpayment and also look to reduce your tax bills for the future.  You have nothing to lose, our advice is free and if you don’t get anything back we don’t charge you a penny for our services.